Elise Simmons, Sensei, Godan/ Consultant                            

Elise Simmons, Sensei is the co-founder of Enmeikan Aikido and has over 50 years martial Arts experience. She has an extensive teaching background by working for Law Enforcement Agencies, The Air Force, San Diego District Attorney's Office,  Hospitals, Universities and Colleges.She also worked with the Orange County School District, Riverside School District, the YWCA and YMCA. 

Currently, Elise, Sensei fulfills the roll of technical consultant to the school.

Terry McCarthy, Sensei, Yondan                                                  


OTHER RANKS HELD: Nidan, Fujitsuryu jiujitsu, Shodan, Japanese Kenpo karate, Shodan, judo. P.O.S.T> certified police arrest and control instructor, certified ASP baton instructor, certified Riot/crowd control instructor. 

BIOGRAPHY: Originally from New York City, I began  Japanese Martial Arts in 1960. I am a Navy Veteran and a retired Police Sergeant. Currently, I work as a background investigator for a local police department.  I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Japanese Sword Society of the United States and a piper for the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society.

Kim Chi Teng, Sensei,  Shodan


My name is Kim Chi Teng. I was born in 1959 in Saigon, Vietnam.

Mid 1979, I escaped my country by boat and stayed 3 months in a refugee camp in Indonesia.

  •       September 1979 came and lived in the United States
  •       1980 - 1990 worked in a theme restaurant in Disneyland
  •       1986 married my husband who is a nurse
  •  1988 graduated with a B.A. degree in Management Information Systems from California State University at Fullerton
  • 1990 - 1995 worked as a System Administrator for VAX system; supported CAD end users for Xerox Corporation
  • Mid 2000, signed up for beginning Aikido class at Corona, California parks and community services

      November, 2007   Achieved Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) in Fudo Shintai Aikido

Michael Rossi, Sensei,  Nidan  (Fudo Shintai, Enmeikan)                       


Aikido is my first martial art practiced, a gateway to discipline and patience.

I've spent a vast majority of my life in Southern California. I work as a Purchasing professional in the Automotie Aftermarket Industry and own a PostalAnnex Store in San Jacinto. I am a licensed Notary Public, Certified Fingerprint Roller and a Certified Livescan Fingerprint Provider.

David King, Sensei,  Nidan  (Fudo Shintai, Enmeikan, Yoshinkan Aikido)            


OTHER RANKS HELD:   Shodan- Martial Arts Program, Victor Valley College and Shodan- Budoshin Jujitsu

In 1980 I began training in Yoshinkan Aikido and by 1986, achieved the rank of Shodan. Two years later, I earned the rank of Nidan. 

1990 saw me training for the city of Norco's Parks and Recreations Department and concurrently trained with Toot Sensei at Budoshin Jujitsu in Claremont. In December of 1992, I was presented with the rank of Shodan. 

I combined the two styles into one approach and founded my own school. I taught this style at the Norco Self-Defense School from 1995 to 2010; after which I returned to the Norco Parks and Recreation.

Joseph "Jay" Marconi, Sensei,  Nidan     


Joe Marconi, Sensei

“General screw off that wandered into the wrong room and got lucky no one noticed while he passed an insanity evaluation”

With no other formal training in the martial arts, Joseph enrolled in Beginning Aikido in January 2007 under the direction of Sensei Thomas Van Cise. In May 2012, Joseph completed his black belt training under Head Sensei Terry McCarthy and founding Sensei Elise Simmons.

During the years from 2007 to 2012, Joseph assisted with the instruction of students in both the Youth and Beginner Aikido classes.

Joseph moved to Corona in 1998 and lives with his wife Kathy and their two sons Alex and Andrew.

Personal Quotes:

“I feel honored to be instructed by such traditionally decorated and extremely knowledgeable Senseis.”

“My goal is to continue as an Aikidoka, training others to incorporate martial arts into everyday life in order to create a more peaceful world!”