Fudo Shin Tai Aikido   

Joseph Marconi, Sensei 

Dojo of Corona


Our Newest Dojo Cho!


Terry McCarthy, Sensei has decide to step away from active teaching here at Fudo Shintai Aikido, promoting Joseph Marconi, Sensei to lead instructor, Dojo Cho, of our school.

McCarthy, Sensei, Soke of Fudo Shintai Aikido, will continue in this capacity, guiding the instruction of this style of aikido.

Thank you Terry for your tireless effort in leading and instructing this school for the last 19 years and congratulations, Joseph!

A Brief History........

Elise and Robert Simmons laid the foundation of this school in the late Fifties. From 1958 to 1966 Bob and Elise worked with then famous martial artist and author, Bruce Tegner in Hollywood, CA. In 1964....(See History)

 Classes Start September 12th!!

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Morihei Ueshiba, O'sensei 

Founder of Aikido


Morihei Ueshiba was the founder of Aikido. His life was the thing that heroes and adventurers are made of. Enlisted in the Army during the Russo-Japanese War, studied Daito-Ryu under Sokaku Takeda (described as an "unparalleled swordsman in his time, and "possessing a level of skilled that was almost divine" ), joined Onisiburo Deguchi, the Guru of Omoto-Kyo and becoming a loyal disciple, engaged in the ill-fated Mongolian Incident, survived the destruction that came with WWII, and discovered the revelation that through peace, not war, was the true Way of the Warrior.

Throughout his entire adult life, O'sensei (Great Teacher) as he is often refer to as, cultivated, nurtured, refined, and disseminated the waza, ki and spiritual foundation of the martial art we know of today as Aikido. 

He died as he lived, teaching Aikido shortly before he passed away from liver cancer, at the age of 85.